The Power of Our Words

The Power of Our Words


Let’s be real for a minute. How many times do we say something to someone and then immediately want to swallow what we said? But, oops! It’s already out there and we can’t take it back.

What’s in a Word (Or Two)?

Like the rudder on a big ship, steering this great vehicle in any direction, the tongue (our capacity to speak) can steer our life in any direction, good or bad. With our words, we can be so encouraging and helpful or we can be discouraging and oftentimes so hurtful. It has been said that a tiny spark can ignite a forest fire. However, unlike the forest, which can and does grow back, often times our (harmful) words can cause irreparable damage.

It’s a Problem

More than likely we have all had our fair share of misusing our words. To be honest, most of the time, we just don’t take the time to think about what we are saying and, of course, our pesky emotions get in the way and often take over. Like wild horses, our words just spill out and run all over the place before we can lasso them back into order. And, our words are the result of what we are thinking, so, maybe, that is the place to start.

Let’s Talk to Ourselves

What? Talk to myself? That’s crazy!  Quite honestly, we do this all the time. We tell ourselves all kinds of negative things. And, we can decide what voice we want to listen to. In the book The Magic of Thinking Big, author David J. Schwartz talks about Mr. Triumph and Mr. Defeat. So who will we decide to listen to? Usually, we listen to the one that speaks the loudest. But who is the adult here?  Why don’t we tell Mr. Defeat who is in charge and who is running the ship? We can choose how we speak.

We Can Choose Our Words

Everyone is looking to be listened to, understood and affirmed. Encouraging and helping others are the best uses of our words. It has been said that a dog wags his tail more than he barks (usually) and dogs get along with most folks too. Dogs are great listeners and offer (in their own way) encouragement.

So, Let’s Begin

Tell someone that they ” can do it.” Offer them up a word of encouragement.  Tell them how much you appreciate them or how they inspire you. We may never know the full impact of our words on others. The power of encouraging words can “move mountains.” Lives can be completely changed for the better because of our encouraging words.

It only takes a spark…….


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