Is it time for a change? Have you ever been in a place where you feel like you are stagnating? Do you find that life doesn’t seem to be going as you had hoped it would?
Maybe you have felt like you wanted to

do something important but just thought you weren’t good enough or smart enough. Maybe you are looking for a change.

The good news is that as long as we are breathing and in relatively good health, it is not too late to start,. We can fire up our life (relationships, professional life, friendships, health). It is simple to do, but certainly not easy.

Here are 7 ideas to help you get to where you want to go.

1. Make a Decision

Everything begins with a decision.  it’s as simple as that. The tough part is following through. In other words, once you are on the highway to wherever you are going, stay in your lane!  The critics will try to discourage you and tell you why it is not a good idea or why it won’t work out. But whose life is it anyway? To many, your new direction or decision will not make sense and they may try to discourage you.

2. Know Your Why

Figure out your why. Where does your decision fit into the big picture? We all have a more or less vague idea of what we would someday like to do, but the noise and busyness of life always seem to prevent us from doing it. Often we choose a life path based on other’s expectations rather than follow our own authentic path. One suggestion to help see the big picture is to get around  new ideas and people

3. Change the Way You Think

Get new information.  Get around new people.  Read new books. These are all ways we can stretch our minds and gain new perspectives. We certainly can not make new changes with old information. If we want to change some things in our life, we need to change some things in our life.

Getting new information also means getting rid of the bad information  It may be familiar, but if we are not where we want to be in our relationships, our professional life, our financial situation, etc. , quite possibly we have not been getting the right information.

4. Get to Work

Nothing happens without first making it happen. What is it you would like to do?  How do you see your relationships, your professional life, and your finances?  Write down your vision, your plans. Place them somewhere where you can look at them regularly.  Opportunities will begin to appear the more you concentrate on what you are trying to accomplish.  You may be surprised by what focus can do.

5. Finish What You Start

Successful people know how to finish. Get rid of distractions and procrastination.  Time wasters are time killers; and who has time to kill?  Learning to finish doesn’t mean finishing everything at the same time. Set goals and finish in stages. Whatever you want to succeed in, or change, it will require a beginning and an end. Knowing how to finish is simply staying with the goal and persevering until you see results.

6. Increase Your Capacity

We don’t have to do it all at once or even alone. We don’t have to work harder and longer or build up frustration trying to be the best.  We can involve others in our projects. We can seek advice from others. We can ourselves take a break, breathe and go at our own pace. We can learn from the experience of others.  We can learn to work smarter and faster.

7. Tell Yourself a New Story

We can tell ourselves that “this” is the way things are going to go from now on. This is a new reality. We have new information.  We have new perspectives. We can do what we said we want to do. Are we worth it? Is our family worth it? Are our relationships worth it? Is our health worth it?  The answer is, of course, yes.

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Diana’s passions are family, travel, self-improvement, living a debt-free/financially free life. She also loves hanging out with family, friends and being with her dog Skye. You can connect with her through