Halloween: Harmless Fun? Or Is There More?

Halloween: Harmless Fun? Or Is There More?

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This may not be an easy article for people to swallow, but…. here goes.

Halloween is embedded in our North American culture, in the British Isles and found in various versions in different cultures around the world. The basic theme is similar: a celebration of honoring the dead ancestral spirits, and chasing away “evil” spirits.

 Traditional celebrations around the world:

  1. Samhain (Ireland and Scotland)
  2. Dia de Los Muertes (Mexico)
  3. Day of Dracula (Romania)
  4. Kawasaki Halloween Parade (Japan)
  5. Pangangaluluwa (Phillippines)
  6. The Hungry Ghost Fest (Hong Kong)
  7. Pitro Paksho (India)
  8. Dzien Zadusny (Poland)
  9. Awuru Opo Festival (Nigeria)
  10. Pechum Ben (Cambodia)
  11. Ognissanti (Italy)
  12. All Saints / All Souls Day (worldwide)

History of Halloween

It is a ritual-celebration which began in the Celtic – Pagan tradition in Ireland but has since spread around the world. The tradition began more than 2,000 years ago with the belief that dead souls were given permission at this time (Samhain) to walk among and visit the living.

According to the tradition, people would go from door to door wearing costumes meant to scare away or fool the wandering spirits. Alternatively, they would prepare sweet food to appease the spirits. The people going door to door would carry a “lantern” made from a hollow turnip shell with a candle. This would represent a soul trapped in purgatory or would be another way to ward off spirits.

Samhain marked the end of summer and the start of winter, a time of the year associated with death. The Celtics believed that at this time the worlds of the dead and of the living became obscured and the dead would come into the world of the living. On October 31st, the people would celebrate the Samhain.

What is the Fascination with Pagan Traditions and Death?

Like most people, I did my share of “trick or treating” as a child. I believed that it was just an opportunity to get free candy. Nobody told me what Halloween was or where it came from, probably because they didn’t know. We just saw it as an evening of fun.

Like the medieval people of Ireland, children today dress up in scary costumes (and sometimes not so scary costumes), and go from door to door. Houses are decorated with themes of ghosts, skeletons, dead corpses and witches.  The “fun” atmosphere of Halloween gives them the feeling that all the “scaries” can’t touch them. Dressing up in scary costumes and decorating homes with death-related themes is a way of taming the fears and taming anything death-related. It becomes a game to scare themselves in a “fun” sort of way.

So, how is it that today, all over the world, we are still celebrating an ancient pagan ritual of death and appeasement of spirits? Why are we so fascinated by the dead souls (“ghosts”) theme? How is it that people all over the world, still lay out food for departed souls and try to scare off or appease the spirits? Clearly, we must believe in the existence of the spirit world, but maybe we do not feel equipped to handle its reality. Maybe that is why we try to “dilute” or “tame” the spirit world reality and turn it into something we can handle.

The Spirit World is Real

There is no question as to whether or not the spirit world exists. Quantum physics and other fields of science have demonstrated its existence. Quantum physics explores the nature of energy (waves and particles) of all matter and its fluidity.

The real questions are; what is the spirit world and what is the nature of it?

In our three dimensional world, emotions, thoughts, and opinions often cloud reality. Often, we are unable to distinguish between what is true and what is not, and between what is reality and what is not. We say that “my truth is not your truth”. The spirit world has no such blurriness. It is entirely real and focused. There are no “grey” areas in the spirit world. In fact, there are two clashing forces; a world of darkness and evil, and a world of light, love, and Truth. There is nothing in between.

Humans are affected and influenced by both of these worlds. The dichotomy is clear: our words, actions, choices, activities reflect either one or the other of the two spiritual sides. What is of the darkness, belongs only to the darkness and what is of the light belongs only to the light. There is a spiritual battle and the battle is over us, over our souls.

So, Where Does Halloween Fit In?

As mentioned above, the battle lines are drawn in the spiritual world. How does the celebration of Halloween fit into this dichotomy? To answer this question, we need to ask ourselves: “Which camp of the spiritual world would it fit into?” Is Halloween a celebration of love, of peace,  joy, and hope, or, is it a celebration of death, destruction, and fear? Our choices are always a reflection of the spiritual world. The spirit world mirrors itself in our everyday choices.

Is It Harmless Fun?

I think this question is the same as “Is making light of the spirit world fun or even advisable?” On the outside, it may look like harmless fun and games, but what game are we really playing?  The spirit world (invisible to our eyes) operates in multi-dimensions. It is not limited to time and space and certainly not to our 3-dimensional world. The spirit world is connected to our minds and our souls. We are connected to it. Activities involving themes of death and destruction (even if they are innocent on the surface) can mess with our minds, that is, the evil spirit world can use them to mess with our minds and eventually lead us down paths where we shouldn’t be going.

Spiritual Dangers Are Real

Yes, they are very real. You see, it really does not matter what our opinion is about the matter. The spiritual world does not ask for our opinion, nor does it care. What matters is who we are listening to and whom we are allowing to influence our choices, words, and actions. We are either making choices and being influenced by the powers of darkness or by Truth.

The powers of darkness will use anything and everything to influence us and lead us down a path of death and destruction. Given full reign, they can, and do, mess with our minds, our bodies, our health, our relationships, and our soul. They can, and do if we let them give us a false sense of reality, a warped idea of what is true and what is not. They split families, cause death, and send us down a spiral of hopelessness.

My Takeaway

I believe everyone is free to do what they choose. That is the blessing of freedom. My only purpose was to provide information for reflection and information is always good.  I hope that this post has been helpful to you. I understand that it is difficult to swallow and not everyone is ready to absorb this kind of information.

Please let me know what you think in a comment.

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