Busy Being Busy? How to Slow Down

Busy Being Busy? How to Slow Down

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It seems like we all have a love-hate relationship with being busy. It’s funny how we love to talk about how busy we are, while,  at the same time, we are also exhausted by this business of being busy. We run from one place to the other trying to keep up and keep sane.

As Henry David Thoreau put it:

It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?

With all this busyness, are we having fun?  Maybe we are,  but there are some pitfalls to think about.

Busyness Can:

1. Cause us to lose our direction in life

2. Rob us us of happiness

3. Mask brewing problems such as communication breakdown or people feeling alienated.

It is no secret that busyness adds a level of stress to our lives. but knowing why and how is key. When we get caught in the hamster wheel of being busy, we fail to see the impact of our activity on our life and those around us. We could be growing in the wrong direction. We might fail to see the red flags in our relationships, our family, our marriage and other important areas.

One lady put it this way: “Just because you have a minute, doesn’t mean you have to fill it”

In his book called Crazy Busy, author Kevin DeYoung outlines 7 diagnosis for this “busyness”

1. Are we trying to do good or look good?

Are we  people pleasers? Are we more concerned about what people will say or think about us?  Are our motives more about our reputation than about actually helping or being present?

2. Are we spending time doing what we shouldn’t be doing or doing what we don’t need to do?

We actually don’t really need to to all those things that we think we absolutely have to do. The sky is not going to fall if we say no (to ourselves or others).  We can reduce the stress in our lives by telling ourselves that we can’t (and don’t need to) do and solve everything.

3. Are we setting priorities and really living by them?

We can start by determining what really matters and put 80% of our energy towards the 20% that matters. We can’t have it all and we can’t do it all.

4. Are we over parenting our children?

Activities for kids are great and wonderful teachers. But maybe, we are worrying or doing a little too much. They don’t have to be in everything and it doesn,t  matter much if they don’t get the required amount of sleep or if they stuff themselves on sugary cake once in a while. At the end of the day, parents need to be the example of balance to their kids.

5. Are we  addicted to technology?

How many times did you check your phone today?  Caught you! Maybe all that fun technology is taking us away from time with the people who matter to us. Often the focus on our gadgets makes us oblivious to those around us and even what is happening around us.

6. Are we getting the rest we need?

Sleep!! Who doesn’t want or need more sleep? Just thinking about it makes me want to go for a nap. Actually.. go ahead (if you can). The world will be able to handle it if you check out for a bit. Seriously, though, fatigue is a prime factor in lower work productivity, relationship struggles, decision making difficulty and much more.  Let’s get the sleep we need.

7. Are we expecting there not to be a struggle?

Sometimes laziness and busyness can have the same end result.  Not much gets done. If we are just running around from place to place with nor order and no ultimate goal or reason why we will just end up at the same place but more exhausted.  Life is hard and we have to face it in full armour. If we just go through on automatic pilot, we will eventually hit a wall.

What are your thoughts on busyness? I would love your perspective

Have a great day!

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