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5 Essential Factors For Success


“You will only achieve that which you believe you can achieve.”

We are all looking to be a success on some level. We all want to say that our time and effort were worthwhile. Sometimes, however,  success seems unclear, elusive or unattainable. The truth is that success can be for everyone.

 Belief is everything when it comes to success. All things begin with a thought which turns in to belief and action.

 Let’s Talk Success

Success is not for the faint of heart and it is not about money.  Neither is it for the lucky few. Success is a mindset; it comes with its own rules of conduct – what is fair and what is not. It is the result of how we think and the decisions we make.

What Does It Take?

Hard Work (No surprise there!)

Well, that certainly is no surprise. Quire simply, without hard work, what we set out to do won’t get done. But, interestingly enough, hard work is rare.  Many people think they work hard, they say they work hard, but actually, hard work is really not all that common. What does hard work look like? We can compare it to speeding up a down escalator trying to get to the top. That is what hard work is like – going against the obstacles.

Belief (Without it, forget about success!)

Belief comes from working hard and steadily at something and then finally beginning to see some results (even small results).  Each time we take a step in the right direction or try our hardest, we send a message to our brain that we are serious about our goals. Suddenly (or gradually), we start to believe in ourselves, that we can do it. The more we do this, the harder it will be to give up since we have invested so much time and work.

Results (Our Motivation)

The hard work will eventually produce results and our conviction will push for results. That is the way it is. It is a learning process. We begin to see our strengths and weakness and learn to minimize our weaknesses while leveraging our strengths.

Smart work (Hard work is not enough)

Smart work is the multiplication factor to turn hard work into a powerhouse of results. We need to be ready and willing to learn and change. We need to get ourselves out of the familiar zone (comfort zone) and step into the uncomfortable zone, the one that will require us to change and grow as we learn. Of course, we shouldn’t go outside this zone into the panic zone where we may freak out and not know what we are doing.

Time (The key factor)

There is one more variable for success: time. We need to “stick with it” long enough to see the results we set out to achieve. Time is the compounding factor (like the penny doubled each day over 3o days).  We need to be in for the long haul, working, improving, growing changing on a daily basis. Working hard and smart consistently over time will bring the result we want.


We can if we will.  If we don’t buy our own excuses, if we don’t stay in our comfort zone, if we stay “in our lane”  the learning and growing zone, if we stay out of the panic zone and if we work hard, work smart and consistently over time, we will achieve what we set out to achieve.

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