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What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.  – Colette

Happiness is something that many people are always in pursuit of in one way r another. Some people try to find it in the accumulation of material possessions. Others look to find it in fulfilling relationships or a stimulating career. We try so hard to somehow capture this elusive concept or set that we sometimes miss it altogether because it is right in front of us.  We might say to ourselves ” when X happens, then I will be happy”. Unfortunately, when X happens, the initial euphoria wears off with time and then we are off trying to chase happiness again with something else.

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.  – Thomas Jefferson

Many people have the mistaken notion that events or what happens to us or in our lives somehow dictate our level of happiness. But this is not the case. Happiness is a choice; we create our own happiness through how we think and through the habits we cultivate over time.

Highly happy people have developed habits (choices) in order to create their happiness rather than allowing circumstances to decide for them and control their thoughts. They choose to be victors rather than victims.  Here are 7 habits of highly happy people.

Happy people love challenges and opportunities

In general happy people tend got welcome new opportunities and challenges because they are aware of their strengths , their values and their priorities. They are able to set boundaries for themselves and be in control of what they choose to do. If they take on new challenges, it is because they see benefit in them such as opportunity to learn and grow. Happy people are, by definition optimistic and not afraid of the adversity challenges may present. They count the cost and decide whether they will take the challenges on or dive into the new opportunity. Hay people are more likely to set goals, and strive to reach them which gives them a buffer against adversity. The satisfaction of meeting the challenges, and taking risk fuels them to preserver.

Doing what you were born to do… That’s the way to be happy. Agnes Martin

Happy people try to live in the present

The happiest people tend to live their lives in the present rather than reminisce about the past or fret about the future. Of course, this does not mean that they don’t use the past to learn from or that they don’t plan for the future.  It is just that they don’t live in these time zones on a daily basis. They don’t allow the past to define them, nor do they allow the uncertainty of the future to cause them to lose sleep. Living in the present helps them to focus on what is important right now and give it  full, undivided attention. For this reason, happy people are more intentional and present with the people they are with, not allowing distractions to steal their time away. For them, there is no time like the present; they are well aware that all they have (and all anyone ever has) is the present. They focus on now, knowing that the future will be determined by the  words and actions of the present moment.

Happy people are thankful

Having a thankful spirit is a key characteristic of all happy people. they simply appreciate what they have and treasure what they have been given. This frame of mind takes away any need to be jealous, covetous, angry  or other destructive way of thinking. they simply do not feel the need to need or want more. Having an attitude of daily gratefullness is good for the soul. It gives us peace and quietness. It is good for our body as well. We feel less stress and anxiety and me sleep better as well. Happy people are appreciative and this is reflected in how they are in relationships in social circles and professionally. They tend to be more generous, more positive and less inclined to be controlled by desire material things.  A thankful spirit simplifies life and maybe that is why grateful people are so happy.

Happy people are generous

Happy people are inclined to be generous with their time and material possession. They do not have a scarcity mindset, but instead believe that what they have, be it time, money or skills, can be shared with others for their benefit. Typically, happy people are more likely to be involved in volunteer projects and organizations. They are more willing to give their time to help out others such as tutoring children or working with animal rescue, as examples. They understand that money is only a tool that can be used for providing for personal needs and the needs of others. Happy people do not seek to make money for the sake of money but ,rather, they seek experiences and create memories with people around them. They are not controlled by time or money. Instead, happy people decide what they will do with both.

Happy people have a healthy view of material things

In a world where materialism is ever present, where people work just for money and buy just to have, happy people have a refreshing outlook. They tend to have a healthy, balanced perspective of material things. They tend not to accumulate things for the sake of acquiring them, nor do they tend to be lured into suave advertising pressure. In fact, because happy people are typically thankful for what they already have and because their priorities are entered around people, experiences and memories, then material things, the choices they make reflect these values. In other words, the market has very little influence over their spending decisions. Happy people tend to value time was well and will try not to sacrifice their precious time for the sake of acquiring more money. They have a healthy, balanced view of material possessions and value people above things.

Happy people hang around with happy people

Birds of a feather flock together as the saying goes. So happy people can usually be found around happy people. and generally when people are around a happy person, this good naturedness tends to rub off on other people. Who can resist the energy, and the smiling countenance of a happy person?  They both inspire others and are, in turn , inspired by others who are equally positive and encouraging. It is a win-win relationship. A happy person will not remain long in the company of someone who persists in being grumpy, whiny or downright negative all the time. They may be happy, but they are not stupid. Happy people choose to be around people who are encouraging, inspiring, teachable and who generally have a positive outlook on life. So, birds of a feather do tend to stick together.

Whoever is happy will make others happy. Anne Frank

Happy people don’t fret over the small stuff

The small stuff – the inconveniences, grievances, criticisms, rejections and all the things that people get their britches in a twist over, is not what happy people tend to focus on.  They prefer to control what is is in their power to control – their attitude, their thoughts – and what they can’t control they let go of. Most importantly, happy people choose to get their ego out of the way so that their feelings don’t get in the way of living. They don’t have time or, more precisely, they don’t want to waste time on anything that doesn’t contribute to their living life on purpose. The book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” has as the rest of its title “And It’s all Small Stuff”.  This is what people who choose to be happy realize – it’s all small stuff. It’s all about how you look at circumstances that makes the difference. They also know that” where  focus goes, energy grows”, so they choose to focus on  is profitable rather than on what will drag them down.

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