1. Turn off the  Media

If you want to not only survive, but also thrive in  confinement times, watching the news media is definitely not going to help you. Whatever visual and auditory messaging you take in  will affect how you think and process circumstances going on around you. It is no secret that news media and social media abound in in sensationalism and thrive on negativity. It will also impact how you feel about your  circumstances and other people.

A thrive mentality must begin in good soil. It must be planted and nurtured in reality. In order to develop a thrive mentality you need to have clear headspace to be able to think and process information correctly.  Too much noise from the media around us gets in the way of being able to think clearly and realistically. It prevents us form seeing things as they are and not as the media wants us to see them.

2. Get Back into Nature

There is nothing like being out in nature, whether it be a walk in the woods or getting out to the beach to clear out mind and give us new perspective. Understandably, not all of us have a beach or a forest handy, But a little creativity can help us get the same effect. Gardening can bring us closer to nature even if it is a smaller natural environment. The whole point is to turn our focus away from the noise and back to the simpler pleasures in life. Thrive mentality begins in simplicity.

And, as we are connecting with nature and simplicity we can employ our senses. We can take the time to listen, to feel the outside air around us, to observe what’s happening outside and to appreciate these simple things around us. Thriving comes from reconnecting with what is important and what is real.

3. Turn on Some Music

Music is great therapy and an excellent way to take our minds off of what is going on around us. It engages our minds and our emotions. And, if we add dance to the music, we get in some great exercise as well.

Music is also very inspirational and can get our creative juices flowing. It can remind us about our dreams and motivate us to start dreaming again. It is also rejuvenating – quite the opposite effect of news media.

Music helps time go by pleasantly ; it can turn a tedious task into a pleasant one and helps time go by quickly when we are feeling bored or unmotivated. Music also helps us reconnect with ourselves and rediscover what we are passionate about.  It is an excellent medium for releasing pent-up emotions that we have held back or have been unwilling to release. If you want to thrive rather than just survive, music is an excellent ally.

4. Start a New Project or Hobby

A thrive mentality is one that is constantly ready to learn something new and develop new abilities. thrivers do not stay in ruts; they get out there and improve themselves in whatever situation they find themselves.

These days is is more than easy to learn skills fo little or no money. Just on Youtube alone you can learn so many things. Do you want to learn  a new language or develop accounting skills? It is entirely possible if you want to.

Being confined doesn’t mean you have to shut your mind down or go into hibernation. It can be a terrific opportunity to improve your current abilities or develop other marketable skills. It could even be the impetus you need to start a business. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. there are no bad circumstances, only bad attitudes.

5. Get Dressed

Yes, I actually said that. It is a simple thing to do, but you would be surprised by the number of people who spend their days in their pyjamas. We have all been through that embarrassing moment of greeting the deliveryman in our pyjamas at 2 in the afternoon, at least I have.

Let’s face it, success never happens when we are dressed in our pyjamas – not now, not ever.

When you make the effort to get dressed each day, even if you are in confinement, you are sending a message to yourself  that your are important and you are open for business. You are dressed for the activity you have planned.

What does getting dressed into “real clothes” do for you each day? It motivates you to structure your day and begin it. It gives you a sense of purpose and utility. It can also increase your productivity throughout the day.

Try to imagine yourself at your business each day. Do you want to be professional and presentable? Of course you do. So why not be presentable and professional at home as well? Dressing for success is a mindset, a way of seeing and doing.

6. Declutter

Declutter everything – our space and our mind. Nothing positive can come out of a messy mind or space long term. Temporary clutter means we are involved in a creative project, but chronic clutter indicates that we have no direction or organization. Watching a lot of news media can clutter our mind, so one way to declutter is to set boundaries regarding what we will allow into our mind. Listening too much to negative people also clutters our mind. We either need to stop listening to them or walk away. 

Decluttering our space helps us t think straight as well. too much busyness for too long can cause us to be edgy and distracted, even restless. a distracted or restless state is not a thriving state. We need to think  about what our environment is actually giving us? If it is taking away our peace of mind, then maybe it is time to do something about it.

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