So you are a newbie blogger like all of us were at one time. You are probably wondering where to start and how to write a blog post that someone will actually read. Of course, much has been written about how to write the perfect blog post, but let me remind you that none of us is perfect and the perfect blog post does not exist.

What is more important is the nail the fundamentals to give readers a pleasant and memorable experience. Of course I could list 15 or 20 things to include or think about but who wants to be thinking about so many details.

In this blog post I want to give you 6 workable ideas to get your blog off to a solid start. I hope you will find these helpful to begin your blogging journey.

1. Write for peopleReading a blog without personality is  about as much fun as watching wet paint dry on a rainy day. Your readers want to know who you are so that they can begin to develop a relationship with you and what you write. Trust begins here. They want to know your style and what you like to write about.

Think about your favourite authors. Why do you keep reading their work?  It is because they are familiar to you like a companion.

Try to write in a conversational way as if you were sitting down for coffee with a friend. Relax and enjoy the conversation. Let the ideas flow. How would you talk in a conversation? Probably you would want to tell stories, share experiences and recount anecdotes. The same  principle applies to blogging. It doesn’t have to be stuffy and formal- most people don’t want to read stuffy and formal.

Blogging is all about developing relationships and sharing information and experiences. We can all learn together.

2. Be Consistent

Being consistent about posting your blog articles shows that you are dedicated to what you do and to your readers. Readers come to depend on reading your posts and it can be hugely disappointing when you slack off.  They will begin to lose interest in your blog mainly because not being consistent sends them the message that you are not interested either.

Being consistent gives a boost to the visibility of your blog. The more presence you have with new content, the wider the audience you will get over time.

Finally, being consistent is like showing up on time to a meeting you have arranged or been invited to. People expect you to be there It shows that you have respect for your blog and for your readers,. Consistency is just good practice.


3. Promote

It goes without saying that you are going to write a blog, you will need to get it out there. You will need to promote it as much as you can, Nobody (or very few) are going to come to your blog if they don’t know that it exists. There are several ways that you can promote your blog:

  1. Social media such as facebook and instagram
  2. Pinterest
  3. Email marketing

I have found that the very best way to promote is through pinterest which is not a social media platform, but rather a visual search engine. It works well for promotion, but you need to be active on the platform and consistent about promoting.

Essentially, promoting is simple, but it also requires time and dedication. You need to show up and produce to gain traction.



4. Make It Easy to Read

Most people don’t have the time or patience to read long and convoluted blog posts or blog posts that are hard on the eyes due to layout, distractions or hard to read font.

You want to make the reading experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible How can you do this?

1. Pay attention to the size and clarity of your fonts. these should be easy to read without forcing the reader to have to squint in order to read what you have written.

2. Pay attention to your background. A white space that is simple and void or distractions is best.

3. Break up information into visually manageable sections. For this you can make use of shorter paragraphs, headings and lusts with bullet points.

4. Go visual. Having simple, clear, but not very distracting visuals can help the reader focus and remember what you have written. People are generally visual and pictures help make the reading experience enjoyable.

5. Have a Good Introduction

A good introduction should never be cheesy or ask questions to which the reader already knows the answer to. Asking a rhetorical question that reflects the whole reason someone is reading your blog post is redundant and unnecessary. When a reader comes to your blog post it is usually because they have a problem they want to solve or questions they want answers to. So don’t waste their time or yours on meaningless content.

Pease know that I am preaching to myself in this area as I am guilty of writing meaningless and redundant intros. Live and learn, right?

The very best introductions are specific  and to the point. What problem do you want to sole or what questions do you want to answer? 

Then present your unique twist on how you plan to address these points. What can you bring to the table that is new and fresh?

Finally, your introduction should, in some way, promise to deliver. there is nothing worse for a reader than to get our hopes up that we will finally find a solution only to discover that the blog post doesn’t adequately address the issue or does so in a confusing or vague manner.

Your introduction is your calling card. What are you planning to address and how will you deliver?

6. Have a Strong, Catchy Headline

Your headline is literally your blog advertising. It is what draws the readers attention to your blog post and what sets up the reader’s expectation. But, be careful. there is a fine line between catchy and click baiting. You definitely do not want to have click bait in your headline. That turns readers off very quickly.

also Your headline should offer a promise, of sorts as to what you will be discussing in your blog post and it needs to deliver on its promise.

Wording is very important when writing a headline. You will want to write one that offers some kind of transformational experience. Offering new information or new ways of seeing a situation are excellent ways to do this. Wording needs to be specific and emotion-heavy. Try to provoke feelings such as anticipation or excitement through your choice of words.

A good headline should be:

  • Transformational
  • Specific
  • Emotionally provocative.
  • bold
  • direct
  • Value adding
  • Curiosity provoking

Your headline is a calling card in the world of blogging. It will determine whether or not people will come to read your blog. It is important to take the time to carefully craft the title, finding the sweet spot in your choice of words in order to maximize readership traffic.

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