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Cannabis – What’s it all About?

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Well, there you have it – as of October 17th, 2018, Canada has become the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to legalize cannabis. Canada took center stage and the world had its eyes riveted toward Ottawa’s decision. Most likely the world is looking to see what will happen next. Is this going to be a trend from nation to nation? Will other countries be stepping up to bat? And what does this mean for Canadians and, indeed the world?

Let’s look a little closer into cannabis, what it is, the health and social aspects to see if we can find out what this might mean for the future.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant which grows wild in tropical, temperate and pretty much any climate around the world. The main active ingredient is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is what produces the euphoric high associated with cannabis.  There are 3 forms: marijuana, hashish, and hash oil.

Marijuana: is made from dried flowers and the leaves of the cannabis plant. it is the least potent of the 3 forms,

Hashish: is made from the resin ( a gum) of the cannabis plant. it is then dried, pressed into a block form and smoked.

Hash oil: This is the most potent of the 3 forms. Hash oil is the thick oil derived from the plant. It is also smoked.

What are the Short-term Effects of Using Cannabis? (from Psychology Today)

(1) Impaired memory: While cannabis doesn’t actually seem to destroy existing memory, it can prevent us from creating new memory in our brain.

(2) Reduced anxiety: Many marijuana smokers tend to have higher incidences of anxiety than the rest of the population and they take it to lower their anxiety levels.

(3) Disruption of motor skills: so, taking marijuana could impair our ability to execute functions that require both a high level of concentration and high level of coordination together with fast reactions such as driving a car.

(4) Increased appetite; It seems that cannabis triggers the release of leptin and neuropeptide y, two appetite-stimulating hormones. So, bags of chips and marijuana appear to go hand in hand.

(5) Increased heart rate: Consuming marijuana can possibly increase heart rates per minute by up to 50% and studies have shown that heart attack risk increases by 4.8 times within an hour of consuming cannabis.

(6) Sleep patterns may be disrupted: The evidence is not clear-cut on this one. anecdotal evidence suggests that marijuana may help with sleep, while some studies suggest the opposite. One thing studies clearly show is that the rapid-eye-movement stage of sleep decreases. This is the phase during which we do most of our dreaming.

(7) Pain reduction: Historically, marijuana was reportedly used to numb pain during surgery. It seems that the cannabinoid receptors in the brain are activated and make the person less sensitive to pain. This property of marijuana is the main reason why cancer patients turn to marijuana for pain relief during cancer treatment,

More Social and Health Effects

The National Institue on Drug Abuse states that:

(1) There is a decreased level of motivation and an increased level of absenteeism (school and work) associated with marijuana use.

(2) There is an increase in the number of work accidents ( and potential job losses)

(3) Social life is adversely affected because of memory problems, slow reaction times, anxiety and panic attacks.

(4) Perception and judgment difficulties cause low achievement problems in both work and study environments.

According to Drug.com

(1) Aggression, rebellion, and poor relationships are associated with increased and chronic marijuana use.

According to The Social Impact of Drug Abuse (Jean-Paul Smith):

(1) Marijuana use can cause severe anxiety and panic attacks

(2) Marijuana use is associated with psychotic illness such as schizophrenia and also depression.

Some Marijuana Facts

(1) Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States.

(2) The oldest reference to marijuana goes back to 2727 B.C. when it was discovered and then used medicinally in China

(3) Women are more sensitive to the pain killing abilities of marijuana than men, but they are also more likely to develop a dependency.

(4) Hemp plants are the same species as marijuana plants, but they do not produce THC.

(5) The fibers of the marijuana plant are called hemp – they are extremely strong and can be made into cloth fabric and even rope to pull… statues (!).

(6) Like wine connoisseurs, there are marijuana connoisseurs.

(7) Beer and marijuana are closely related and belong to the same family of flowering plants.

(8) The air of the Colosseum in Rome, as well as the cities of Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Turin, and Verona, have wafts of marijuana floating in the air along with nicotine, caffeine, and cocaine.

(9) The marijuana plant is not an eco-friendly plant. For every one pound of “pot”. 4,600  pounds of Co2 is released.

(10) Compared to cigarettes, heavily smoked marijuana does not increase lung cancer. it is actually less addictive than caffeine.

What to Think?

So, concerning marijuana, there is no lack of literature, studies, opinions and anecdotal stories. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a concern. Many know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone that something happened to because of marijuana. There are stories of how it has helped people (with illness0 and stories of how it has destroyed lives.

One thing seems to be clear. It looks like there is no turning back, at least for Canada and Uraguay. It seems to be set in stone here. Only time will tell the real story of how it has impacted us for better or for worse.

As to the other countries of the world, it would be good to sit back and observe to see if that is the path you wish to take. Is it inevitable? I don’t have an answer to that question. It certainly is Canada’s decision for now.

What is your takeaway on this subject? How do you feel?  I would love to have your feedback. Please leave a comment.

Have a great day!

Diana Lynne’s passions are family, travel, self-improvement, pursuing a debt-free/financially free life. She also loves hanging out with family, friends and being with her dog Skye. Diana is a Quebec City girl. who loves living life.  You can connect with her through Livingandstuff.ca
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Change It up – Do Something Different!

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Have you ever found yourself in a rut where nothing seems to be advancing in your life? You wake up each with discouragement induced brain fog. No matter how hard you try you feel like your life is just spinning its wheels. Somedays you feel like a hamster going round and round, but not getting anywhere in particular. Sometimes it feels like the hamster wheel comes to an abrupt stop and you fall off and end up staring at the ceiling wondering to yourself “Is this all there is”?

There are different kinds of ruts. Maybe you are in a relationship rut. Maybe your dating life seems about as exciting as watching wet paint dry. Maybe your marriage life is in a drought and will need a firehose to revive it. Maybe you feel stuck in a job that does not inspire you, but you go in day after day because it pays the bills. We have all been there. Ruts just bring us down or put us into an automatic pilot mode.

Time for a Change?

Some of us just want something to change, but we have no idea how that will happen. We are looking for that magic bullet, that magic wand to just wave us out of the doldrums of our life and into a new life of something meaningful, something where we feel we are actually going somewhere and doing something of importance.

So, what can we do to change things? Is there any hope for us?. Well, actually there is. We can climb out of this “depth of despair”, as Anne of Green Gables famously and dramatically called her difficult life situations. We can change things up, we can make things happen.

Expose Yourself to New Things

Yes, that is right! We can show our brains all kinds of new things: new experiences, new ways of seeing things. We can take ourselves to new places, even within our own city. Why not go visit car dealers shops and take the cars for a test drive. You don’t actually have to plan on buying them. What you are looking for are new experiences. Why not go visit a million dollar house that is on the market? Go for a tour. Why not?  Try on new clothes (ones you can’t normally afford).  Go to a travel agency and get brochures of places you would like to visit.

What you are doing here is expanding, stretching your mind. You are giving yourself permission to dream again. Doing this – trying new things, seeing new things – will set your mind to believing that you too can dream and accomplish what you thought was too late for you or just for other people. And always make your dream bigger than your reality.


It really begins here, with a decision. That is really the first step. It is also the hardest and scariest step for most of us. But, really, nothing happens without a decision. It has been said that successful people are “quick to make decisions and slow to change their mind.”

What does this mean? It means that they get the information they need, they evaluate the data and make a decision. and once they have made their decision, they stick with it and manage it. They choose to ‘”stay in their lane.” The decision may not look like much and it may come with risks. Maybe they don ‘t have all the facts and most likely they can’t see the end of the road, but they stick to their guns and dive in.

This “making a decision” thing can apply to whatever we want to change, whether it be our financial situation, our parenting, our work situation or other. We simply have to decide to decide.

Change Your Thoughts

Any computer analyst will tell you that the output is dependant on the input. If good data goes in, then there will be good output on the other end. How do we get better input? Well, we need to change what information we are allowing into our mind. The fact is, the information we have received up until now is largely what has brought us to where we are in life. We need to get new and better information and throw out the baggage we have been used to, including the suitcases.

Whether it comes to changing your health, your fitness level or anything else in life, new information and new associations will change things for you. Get around new people who are going in the direction you want to go. If you want to improve your health or fitness, wouldn’t it make sense to get around people who are pursuing health goals? Now, of course, this doesn’t mean get rid of your friends and family; It just means associating with people who think differently and are getting the results you want.

Keep up the Momentum

Once you decide and are geared to make a change, it needs to become a habit. A habit takes 63 days (roughly just over 2 months) to solidify. so don’t give up. Stay on the path. Stay in your lane.

Find your motivation. Most of us have a 2-week motivation to go to work (pay check to pay check) and that is what keeps us going to work each day. It’s time to find a new motivation, one that comes from you, rather than a boss, whether it is a desire to change a situation you are tired of, or whether you are chasing a dream. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Ask for guidance from people who can help you. And most importantly, stay away from the “whiners and complainers” – they will only discourage you.

Finish What You Start

Winston Churchhill famously said:

Never, ever give up.

Don’t quit, don’t get distracted and don’t fall back. Be kind to yourself and take your new path in small steps. Every day, do something that is moving you forward toward your goal, whether it is reading a new book or talking with someone who can help you. Don’t sabotage the progress you have made by compromising or slacking off (a bit). Remember, the couch is not the best place to find motivated people.

No matter what, time will pass. Time is a relentless thief that will steal your time away from you when you are not looking. We need to redeem the time and make the most of the time we have to do what only we can do. Don’t let time take away the precious moments you could have used to change things in your life.

Know that You Have a Destiny

We were not born to just pay the bills and try to get by. We are worth so much more than that. We have so much to offer the world, but how will the world know what we have to offer if we don’t even know ourselves because we never believed we could do more and be more?

The economic world we live in loves for us is to stimulate the economy, pay our taxes and be “good” citizens. While none of these are wrong, we have greater contributions to make and a bigger impact to have on the world. There are people whose lives we can change and places we can discover. There are new inventions to create and books to write.

Be bold, be courageous. Don’t hold back from doing what only you can do. Have questions bigger than your answers. Always go deeper than what you know and remember that in the end, we will never know it all.

Have a great day!

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Diana Lynne’s passions are family, travel, self-improvement, pursuing a debt-free/financially free life. She also loves hanging out with family, friends and being with her dog Skye. Diana is a Quebec City girl. who loves living life.  You can connect with her through Livingandstuff.ca
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