1. “The simplest things are often the truest.” – Rchard Bach

2. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

3. “Our life us frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify and elevation of purpose.” – Henry David Thoreau

4. “Fear less; hope more; eat less, chew more; talk less, say more; love more ill good things will be yours.” –  Swedish proverb

5. “Keep only things that speak to your heart. Ask yourself: Does this spark joy?” – Marie Kondo

6.  ” Minimalism as a lifestyle, is the art of letting go.” – D. Stojanvio


7. ” The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developping the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

8. ” Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”-William Morris

9. ” Buy less; choose well; make it last.” –  Vivienne Westwood

10. ” I’ve learned that minimalism isn’t about what you own; it’s about why you own it.” – Brian Gardner

11. ” I would rather own a little and see the world, than own the world and see a little.” – alexander Sattler

12. “Wanting less is a far better blessing than having more.” – Mary Ellen Edwards


13.” We don’t buy things with money; we buy them with hours from our lives.” – Joshua Becker

14. ” If you truly value your time, practice saying no.” – The Minimalists

15. ” I make myself rich by making my wants few.” – David Henry Thoreau


Diana Lynne’s passions are family, traveling, learning, and pursuing a debt-free life. She also loves hanging out with family, friends and being with her dog Skye. Diana is a Quebec City girl. who loves living life.  You can connect with her through Livingandstuff.ca